Audrey Federici | Producer

Originally arriving on the New York landscape to pursue a career in Opera, I have now officially been a New Yorker longer than a New Englander. My exposure to the Opera world and New York’s Arts made me aware of the tireless effort that those behind the scenes put forth to make a production a success.

I had always been passionate about fashion and what better place than NYC! I was fortunate to find work as a prop specialist, still life stylist and set designer; being represented by one of the city’s top agencies. As our industry began to expand and grow, I found myself lucky enough to work as and be trained as a casting director and producer.

I decided to launch my own company and have branched out into every aspect of production from concept to location scouting to post production. I have cultivated long relationships with agencies, studios and photographers. My ability to understand and manage a budget allows my clients to have their choice of the best and brightest as appropriate to their project needs.

We truly understand ‘all facets!’